13 responses to “How To Sing And Play Piano At The Same Time”

  1. Leona

    I would just like to thank you for making this site and especially this post. I have wanted to be able to sing and play piano at the same time for a very long time, but I never could do it. After I read this and did the whole list thing, I went in my room and tried to sing and play Wake Me Up When September Ends because both parts are easy. And let me tell you, that list thing really worked like magic. I can now sing and play the first two measures where the words start, at the same time! It probably doesn’t seem like much, but trust me, it is. Thank you dude, thank you. =]

  2. Chris

    I’m trying to learn too and found that using a digital piano with 0 volume helps you focus on the vocals without being distracted by other notes and rhythms.

  3. AJ

    This blog is very useful. I have bee singing and playing the piano for years but. I sing professionally but never play at the same time as find I cant sing as well. this post has urged me to practice more. ;-)

  4. Claire

    Thank ups so much for this! My whole life people hve asked me to sing for them or play my guitar or piano. It’s great when it’s just one but as soon as they asked to sing and play, I was done. Not being able to sing an play an insturument for me was tragic. I have perfect pitch and attuned ears. Every teacher I’ve ever had has called me gifted. I would always think to myself, how can I be gifted and I can’t simply play an instrument and sing. I wanted to be a musician when I got older but that dream was a no-go if I couldn’t play and sing. I honestly thought my musical career was over. I never knew why I couldn’t sing and play instruments and the same time, I always thought it was because I was self taught on piano and guitar. I used to have trouble paying two hands on the piano together. Thank you so much for this because I can now sing and play both instruments. Because of this article. Feel as if my dream of becoming a professional musician is possible. I’m really sorry for giving you all the background, but I thought it was necessary in order or you to see what you’ve done for me. Thank you so much, I will never forget this.

  5. Ethan Whittaker

    Thanks man this helped a lot. I’m fourteen so this stuff is usually difficult for people near my age. You made it SO much easier. I appreciate it greatly.

  6. Preston Daniels

    Thank you for this! The only time I’ve been able to play and sing is when I’m lilting around something impromptu and I feel a strong desire to sing… given that I started compiling some music for my to attempt. I sing Hallelujah very well, and I can now play the piano part (found a beautiful Jeff Buckley-Cohen score online). I was a bit downtrod when I stumbled continually through it. This post has really given me my confidence back.

  7. John Griley

    I have a question. My son is 10 and in his 2nd year of piano. He finished his first book real quick but the 2nd one is taking forever. The pieces are more complex but that’s not the problem. The problem is the teacher demands that he needs to sing as well and that is whats tripping him up. Is this really something he should do is sing. Is that how your tought to play piano is sing with all the pieces??? Not sure if I should continue or look for another teacher.

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