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  1. Jubilee

    I’ve tried all these technique’s and its not working. So now what then? am i just not talented?

  2. Keith Richard

    Just remember most bands release a good album, then go into hibernation for years at a time, during this time they can write hundreds of songs and riffs scrap most and mix and match the rest, some times the best song you can write is a collaboration of few you have wrote previously, Wauter de backer Of Gotye released his first album Boardface-in 2003, his second Like drawing blood in 2006, and finaly Making mirrors in 2011. And you don’t have to guess which one is the house hold name. Making mirrors is a perfect example of brilliant musicianship, purely because it wasn’t rushed. Relax enjoy playing and most of the time you will stumble across that catchy song or riff. Ps the advice from admin is spot on. You just have to find you’re own place to start

  3. levi bridgeford

    i have written 2 songs of my own, but none of these techniques are helping me write a catchy song. both songs i’ve written are emotional and a bit sad ??? x help thanks

  4. pancake

    i really want to write a catchy song but iv’e only got one line ‘tonight is the night!” i don’t know what to do next????????

  5. p

    can you give some ideas? please

  6. Ted

    Great tips! Thanks.

  7. luvleee

    every song i write is depressing and sad… im not a sad person but that all i can seemingly write. any tips to get out of this funk??? <3

  8. J

    I am the so called front man of a modern country band. I have some real professional musicians behind me. They have toured the world opening for amazing acts. I have performed side by side with a famous singer too. However, our new venture has put me under the glass to write some originals and I am no writer by any means. I have great ideas but they wont help me. I get lost when I start writing and the topic wanders off. I want to put my personal life out there but am afraid of the after math it may cause. Any ideas on how to divert around this obstruction?

  9. Someone's BFF

    I want to write a song like “Falling Down” by Selena Gomez. It’s so catchy and I love the lyrics and the message. Any ideas of how I could write a song similar to “Falling Down” by Selena Gomez.

    Thanks love!!!

  10. Nicole B.

    I need to write a song that is up beat and inspiring it is easy for me to write lyrics but not the tune can you help me?

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  12. Hi

    I have written about 40 songs. I’d say about 15 of them are pretty good. I need to know what the next step is. I actually think they could be real hits, but that’s just me. They’re probably not very good. I guess what I’m asking is what to do with these songs now that I have them to try to make them famous. Thanks!

  13. Liz

    I love paramore. They are the best rock group ever.

    1. Diddo

      You mean current rock group, right, but don’t forget about Daughtry and Evanescence

  14. Justin4Ever

    Hayley is an amazing singer. Paramore is a pretty cool alternative rock group.

  15. Emmmmmmmma

    I thought they wrote their own songs.

    1. Diddo

      Me too

  16. Kelly

    Yeah, Hayley and the guys write their own songs

  17. Diddo

    Omg paramore is great they deserve more success. I’m glad still into you reached number 9 on at40.

  18. Cool dude

    Whys everyone talking about paramore

  19. Poo

    Cause some guy is their songwriter

  20. Poo

    I have a question. I wrote a bunch of cool songs and sang them, how do I get them on itunes.

  21. ghamli

    I like music

    1. ghamli

      wish I could write a song :(

  22. musicman

    Is writing music hard ??

  23. nick

    what are the skills for songwriting ??

  24. I Cant Write a Song

    I can’t write a song in one night for school, help

  25. Shurba Durba Ding A Ling

    Shurba what is going on
    I ask
    Then a reply comes out
    At last

    1. Jong John

      I hate music, its crap these days and also rock is stupid these days, these popstars need to get a life!

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  27. Amelia Bloch

    I want to write a song for someone who Im not allowed to have contact with because shes a nurse and I was the patient. I want to thank her for saving my life during difficult times, and for t ruely inspiring me to better my life. Anyway, to make sure she hears it, and because I know that she definitely listens to the radio a lot, I want to make it catchy and enter it into a radio contest and post it on YouTube to let it get viral. But it needs to be really catchy. I want it to be called remembering Elizabeth but I dont know how to start. Ideas?

  28. Jammie's

    Great tips bro, but you didn’t really use your own tips in your song, in my opinion, keep doing music though. It’s your thing!

  29. Broto

    Yo Jammie’s! I so agree with you. What’s up with that bro? Why do you encourage worthless people to be like you bro?

  30. Broto

    Yo Jammie’s! I so agree with you. What’s up with that bro? Why do you encourage worthless people to be like you bro? BIG mistake!

    1. Jammie's

      Bro what are you talking about? He is just trying to help. It helped me!

  31. emily

    i love music but my songs are really bad what do i do

  32. Anna

    i tried all these techniques but nothing worked…..

  33. darlee

    Ive wrote loads of songs but there a bit sad and i cant think of a ending please help me.i love music i just want everyone to see what im capible of. I know this probably sounds so weird and wacky but its true.

  34. Kat

    Bookmarking this page! I’m working the nightshift and just wrote 5 “songs” or potential ones :) Sometimes words just flow out freely but then everything starts to sound the same. Oh well, just keep on going I guess. I’m 46 and have been playing guitar for almost a year now. I REALLY want to make my own music!

  35. javara austin

    I really Like singing But I can’t make My own songs That good

  36. flow

    I believe I’m an amazing writer, lyrically, but none have grabbed the audience I provoke. I wonder if simplifying them more nay help. It’s just that I’ve re-read all of my works multiple times and simplifying would lose the detail I choose to share. I don’t Want to change them. Any Advise?

  37. Molisen Ndhlela

    i have an idea of writing songs but really don’t have a good voice

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